Atan Offot, Behind State Secratariat, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Admissions of students without regard to race or colour


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Atan Offot, Behind State Secratariat, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

08:00 - 17:00

Monday to Friday


+2348036544746 +2348022901058

Atan Offot, Uyo

Behind Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat Complex

07:30 - 17:00

Monday to Friday

Basic Info

Governing Council

  • Prof. Fidelis Onwioduokit (Chairman)
  • Hon. Justice Godwin Abraham (Member)
  • Engr. Ntiense Ubon-Israel (Member)
  • Pastor (Mrs.) Philomina Uma Ukpai (Member)
  • Pastor Emmanuel Essien (Member)
  • Engr. Ekom Esang (Member)
  • Engr. Victor Adeyanju (Member)
  • Pastor Uduake E. Udo (Member)

Assessment and Examination Procedures

The school operates the Continuous Assessment System. Assessment scores are based on students’ results, subject attendance, notes updates, classwork, practical projects and assignments. These account for 40% of the overall assessment, the examination accounts for 60% of the overall assessment for each subject. The school policy stipulates that every child should pass Mathematics and English with an average benchmark of 70% before he/she could be promoted to the next class.

School Calendar/Holidays

The school runs a session of three terms. The 1st term (September to December), the 2nd term (January to April), and the 3rd term (April to July) of each academic year. The school observes midterm breaks at the seventh week, government recognized public holidays and terminal holidays.

Visiting Days

Parents and Guardians are expected to visit their children/ward once in a term, as stipulated in the term plan usually given to parents in advance.


The school buses are mainly used for regular academic excursions per term.

Rules & Regulations

Our school disciplinary committee investigates offences and makes recommendations for appropriate disciplinary actions. This covers all forms of misconduct/misbehaviour in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations given to all students upon admission into Nobles School. Some of the excerpts of the rules and regulations are seen below:

  1. No student is expected to bring contraband items to school. Such item(s) shall be seized and the student in question shall be punished.
  2. Cooked food/provision is not allowed except during visiting days. Any students found with such items shall be punished.
  3. Fighting, stealing, slapping fellow student and use of abusive languages are highly prohibited. Culprits shall be subjected to corporal punishment, suspension or expelled from school.
  4. Bullying fellow students attracts a severe punishment such as cutting the grass or even suspension repeated.
  5. Deliberate destruction of school property shall require immediate replacement by the culprit.
  6. Improper or incomplete dressing attracts serious environmental work.
  7. None submission of homework, projects, prep work and subject notes attract impositions and completion of such items within 24hours.
  8. Disturbance during prep-time and normal classes attracts environmental sanitation and imposition.
  9. Late response to school bells on dinning, assembly, prep classes etc attracts such punishment as sweeping the compound, running round the field or picking round the surroundings, washing and cleaning the tables or any other available duty.
  10. Non-compliance with night light out attracts severe one week routine disciplinary measure.
  11. Cheating/Involvement in examinations malpractice attracts subtraction of mark or cancellation of paper and cutting of grass. A repeat performance lead to suspension or rustication.
  12. Insubordination to constituted authorities may lead to various kinds of punishment depending on the gravity of the offence.
  13. Careless/deliberate destruction or loss of fellow student or staff/school item shall lead to immediate replacement.
  14. Intentional inflicting of injuries on fellow student through pranks or wickedness attracts corporal punishment or suspension. The culprit shall bear the cost of treatment.
  15. Other minor offences like noise making, running in corridors etc may attract kneeling down, picking round the field etc.
  16. Immoral gathering, conversation, illicit love affair are highly prohibited. They attract sanction like corporal punishment, suspension or expulsion.
  17. Disobedience of dining rules shall attract punishment such as cleaning/moping the dining hall/tables and washing plates.
  18. Voluntary absenteeism from class/school gathering by dodging to the toilet/special rooms/hostel etc shall attract punishment like imposition, wedding of grass or any other environmental sanitation.
  19. Disobedience of hostel rules such as opening someone else’s box or making use of things belonging to others without permission shall attract punishment like cleaning and moping the hostel or administrative block.
  20. Filthiness/improper use of the school facilities e.g toilets, bathroom shower, dining, classrooms, walls, floor tiles, chairs, lockers, tables, whiteboard, special rooms as well as cloth-hangers/ropes and other personal dirtiness attracts sanction such as moping and cleaning of the hostel, dining and administrative block.